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John Stoddard and Stoddard's Upper Range

The building where 208 Wine Bar resides has graced the Savannah waterfront since 1859.  It has more than 160 years of history housing various commercial enterprises from cotton to antiques, and now, great wine.

John Stoddard, originally from Boston, was part of an influx of young men from the north looking to make their fortune in the growing cotton trade happening in Savannah. Over the years he constructed several buildings on River Street to help facilitate the growing cotton industry.


If you've noticed all of the doors on the upper floors of the River Street buildings, these weren't originally there to be for enjoying lovely Savannah sunsets, they were there so that the cotton traders (or factors) could stand at the same height as captains out on the shipping vessels to negotiate pricing for their goods (and enjoy a lovely view).


Stoddard went on to become a stalwart pillar in the Savannah community, serving as President of the Georgia Historical Society and the first Chairman of Evergreen Cemetery Company in 1868.


When you visit, be sure to ask us how he funded the original construction of our building.


Stoddard's Upper Range. Italianate structure built 1859 by John Stoddard on bluffs above the river, used for cotton factor's offices and warehouses. Photo by Frances Benjamin Johnston 1937.

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