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Both James and Christina are northerners (Yankees, even) who transplanted to this beautiful city.  We both found our way here after captured by the spell Savannah casts on its visitors.  Given that we are both history nerds we have always loved the layers up layers of history that Savannah has, especially in the Historic District.  Everywhere you look there are multiple stories to be told of comings and goings in this port city for the past 300 years. 


Sure, we could have outfitted this new wine bar with trendy modern stylings, given it that upscale snooty wine bar feel, but that just didn't 'feel' right, especially considering the gorgeous 160 year old building we occupy.  So with all of our design decisions, from furniture to decor, we've tried to embody of historic Savannah and some of its most colorful characters.


All of our tables were once Savannah homes.  We worked with our friends at Repurpose Savannah, who's mission it is to reclaim and salvage as much lumber from historic homes and buildings when they are demolished as possible.  It is far better to give that lumber a second life than to have it rot away in a landfill.  So we took the time to make our tables from reclaimed wood and even cellar doors.  The bead board that comprises the face of the bar is made of bead board that came from the Mercer Family cottage on Moon River. 


The two wood columns that support the massive beams in place (all original) are made from ship masts from the 1800s.  Just like the tabby we used to make our walkways, Savannah has always been mindful of recycling and putting to use great building materials.


Our decor, our ambiance and even our house music is intended to pay homage of the bar owners and entertainers of Savannah's yesteryear.  We like to think that Emma Kelly, Joe Odom, Nancy Hillis and Johnny Mercer would feel right at home raising a glass of vino to the passing container ships from 208.

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